(from all chapman cousins)

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* Note: Another theory is that William may have been brother to Thomas Chapman of Charlestown, MA and they had immigrated together.


  1. William appears on the Ipswich, MA tax list of 1678.

  2. Vital Records

    Vital Records of Ipswich, MA to the end of 1849, Salem, MA 1910 Vol 2 p95
    shows Wm and Eliz Chapman's marriage. Also shows John and Martha's marriage.

    Vital Records of Ipswich, WA (op cit) Vol 1 p85
    shows births of Wm, Elizabeth, and Ann.

    Vital Records of Boxford, MA to the end of 1849, Topsfield, 1905
    shows on p. 126 marriage of Wm and Ann Jenks, Elizabeth and John Kimbol and Ann and John Clifford.

    Vital Records of Woodstock 1686-1854 Connecticut Historical Society, 1914.
    p. 17 Stephen Chapman son of Wm Chapman by Anne his wife born october 28th 1711 in Ashford (p20 of original records)
    p. 23 Jun 28: 1718 Wm Chapman of Mansfield & Abigail Lyon of Woodstock Intend marriage: Certificate given July 17th following - & Marryed the 18 (?) ye Revd Josiah Dwight (p28 of original)
    p. 25 Anna Chapman daughter of William Chapman by Abigail his wife born Apr 16th 1720 (p.30 of original)
    p. 27 Jonathan Chapman son of William Chapman by Abigail his wife Born April 22:1722 (p.34 of original)
    p. 58 March 31:1736 william Chapman Enter'd his Intention of Marriage with Anna Lyon both of this town (p.63 of original)
    p. 59 Elizabeth Chapman Daughter of William Chapman by Anna his wife was born August:18:1736 (p. 64 of original)
    p.85 William son of William & Anna Chapman Born Febr 16th 1743/4
    p. 123 Perley son of William Chapman ZJur by Tabithy His Wife born January 1th 1764
    p. 130 Joseph Lyon son of William Chapman by Tabitha his Wife Born Octor 21st:1765
    p. 134 Anna Daughter of William Chapman Junr by Tabitha his Wife born Augut 13th 1767
    p. 140 Tabitha . . . . Aug. 13, 1769
    p. 151 William . . . .May 24, 1774
    p. 163 Abel . . . . June 17, 1779
    p. 166 William . . . .Oct 14, 1776
    p. 298 William Chapman Jur and Tabytha Peake both of Woodstock were

    Vital Records of Woodstock 1686-1854 Connecticut Historical Society, 1914 continued.
    Maryed May 17th 1763 by Nathl Child Esqr.
    p. 308 Mr. William Chapman & Mrs. Sarah Corbin both of Woodstock were Married May 31 1780 Elisha Child J.P.
    p. 326 Mrs. Anna Chapman Wife of Mr. Wm Chapman Died Febru 4th 1779
    p. 334 Tabitha wife Willm Chapman Jr. Died May 24, 1792
    p. 335 Mr. William Chapman Senr Departed this Life November ye 13th 1792 11 O'Clock night
    p. 350 Mr. Willm Chapman in 64th year d July 22 1807
    p. 367 Mr. Will Chapman Jr. & Hannah Chapman were Married in Woodstock Aug 16 1792.
    p. 369 William Chapman of Woodstock and Mrs. Martha Bundy of Thompson
    p. 16 Noah Lyon born 29 Dec 1710 son of Thomas and Abigail Lyon
    p. 22 Thomas Lyon died 14 Sep 1717
    p. 23 Prudence Johnson born 12 May 1718 daughter of Smith and Sarah Johnson
    p. Zerviah Sanger born 21 Dec 1718 daughter of Nathaniel & Dorcas Sanger

  3. Land Records

    Land Abstracts of Ashford, CT involving Chapmans.
    Wm and wife Elizabeth, John and wife, Martha, as well as Wm Chapman Jr were involved in land transactions and had adjoining property, suggesting that Wm Jr and John were sons of Wm & Elizabeth.

    Proprietors's Book, also called 'old paper'
    p. 40 at a meeting 6 Mar 1718 the town granted John Chapman 100 acres.
    p. 102 14 Mar 1715 Surveyed for Wm. Chapman 97 acres of land -- place called Horshew Meadow--Isaac Farrar surveyor.

    Book A. p123
    19 Apr 1718 Anthony Stoddard, David Stoddard, and Wm Stoddard grantors for 10 pounds to WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Husbandman of Ashford 80 acres (This was in the Stoddard Tract, now the Phoenixville section of Eastford)bounded north by John Chapman.

    Book A p124
    Same grantors as above 19 Apr 1718 to JOHN CHAPMAN, Husbandman of Ashford for 13 pounds 17 shillings 6 pence 111 acres bounded south by Wm Chapman.

    Book A p 125 Indenture made 21 Apr 1718 John Chapman and Martha his wife took a mortgage with the Stoddard brothers named above. Same property as listed above for 13:17:5. Must pay 14:4:2 before 22 April 1719. Both signed with their marks.

    Book A p131 Indenture made 21 Apr 1718 Wm Chapman and Elizabeth, his wife took a mortgage with the Stoddards. Same property as described on p123 except
    housing is mentioned- must pay before 22 April 1719. Both signed with their marks.

    Book A p158 Same grantors as above 24 Oct 1720 to WILLIAM CHAPMAN Husbandman of Woodstock for 50 pounds 100 acres in the Stoddard tract. (Notice he is not called Jr. That is because he is distinguished from the other William Chapman by being of Woodstock.)

    Book A p185 WILLIAM CHAPMAN JUNr husbandman of Ashford, grantor to Major John Chandler of Woodstock on 7 July 1725 for 120 pounds, 100 acres, same description as Book A p158. deed says 'I purchased 24 Oct 1720'. This William Chapman signed his name, further establishing that he is not the William Chapman with the wife Elizabeth. However, the Junior does not necessarily mean that he is the son of the other. It simply means that he is the younger of the two men in the same town with the same name. This land was bounded on the north by Crotch Farm which would be located where the Bigelow River, so called then, now called Bigelow Brook, join the Still River to form the Natchaug River. See survey of Simeon Stoddard tract.

    Book A p262 WILLIAM CHAPMAN husbandman of Ashford, grantor to David Smith, yeoman of Ashford on 9 Jan 1732/33 for 400 pounds 80 acres with one dwelling house and one barn. This is the same property in the deed Book A, p123. William and Elizabeth Chapman made their marks. David Smith was second husband of Mehitable, widow of Joseph Chubb.

    Book B p 44 13 Mar 1717/18 Survey for John Chapman by Nathaniel Fuller upon brook called East Branch of the Bigelow River.(The east branch of the Bigelow-now called Branch Brook is in the northwest part of town.)

    Book B p47 6 Dec 1718 a survey for John Chapman of 100 acres.

    Book B p98 6 Dec 1718 another survey for 100 acres John Chapman, north of Country Road.
    Book B p133 15 April 1718 William CHAPMAN, yeoman of Mansfield to NATHANIEL FULLER, of Ashford for 20 shillings right to land in north half mile signed by William Chapman. Wm had right to this land in the north half as an original settler who helped pay for the survey of the town.

    Book B p139 5 Apr 1718 John Chapman and others to Philip Eastman right to land in north half mile of Ashford. John Chapman made his mark.

    Book D p340 18 Nov 1745 recorded 31 Mar 1749 William Chapman, yeoman, Ashford, to Abigail Lyon for 10 pounds old tenor certain tract or parcel in Ashford lyeth north of Hartford Road being part of land I bought of John Chapman signed by William Chapman. This Abigail was probably widow of Ephraim Lyon, son of Thomas & Abigail (Clark) Lyon. Step-son of Wm Chapman.

    Book D p341 7 Feb 1748/9 recorded 31 Mar 1748/9 JONATHAN CHAPMAN, husbandman, Ashford to NOAH LYON, weaver, Ashford for 20 pounds old tenor -- 37 acres --

    Book D p342 31 Mar 1748/9 recorded 3 Apr 1749 NOAH LYON to JOSEPH CHUBB for 50 pounds old tenor, same property described above.

    Book F pp30,31 14 Sept 1719 Committee assigns, ratifies, etc. to people already settled on land bought of Corbin includes 100 acres to William Chapman, 100 acres to Joseph Chubb.

    Book G p102 19 Mar 1735/36 recorded 25 Mar 1736 JOHN CHAPMAN, husbandman, Ashford to WILLIAM CHAPMAN, weaver, Ashford certain tract lying on northwest corner of my farm that I held by my honored father John Chapman, late of Ashford now deceased -- lyeth upon the north side of Ashford Road bounded west by Stoddard, from said road -- two acres. This property is the same which William Chapman deeded part to Abigail Lyon on 18 Nov 1745 and the rest to Noah Lyon on 16 Feb 1753

    Note: Land laws 1732 changed in Connecticut. Colony charges - rate list of estates began in Ashford, CT. Wm I sold land then David Smith enlarged holdings.